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Exterior design is a co-creative process, that begins with the Design Questionnaire.  The DQ will help us get to know your design aesthetics and expectations, helping us provide the best customer service possible. Once we receive an email from you, we will forward the DQ as a PDF to fill out and return to us via email. All new Client's will be required to watch the following video by"A Growing Passion" - Nan Stern on Waterwise Gardens to complete their understanding of this Design Process - Click Here



Once we receive the Design Questionnaire, we will contact you to set up an on-site consultation.  This is the time for the designer to listen to your unique desires, personal taste and aspects for the project as well as letting the natural surroundings inspire creativity for the designer.  It is also  your opportunity to voice budgetary and financial guidelines  as well as any  time restrictions for the project. A thorough showing of the property will allow the designer to provide creative solutions to your concerns.



At this point, if we both agree that we are a fit to co-create a design plan, than a Design Agreement and a Retainer will begin the design process. The retainer is usually 50% down, but can also be broken up into thirds to meet your financial guidelines.



Once the retainer and Design Agreement have been received, we will come out and take measurements and photos to begin drafting a Current Site Plan.  Any additional references that you might have, such as pre-existing remodeling plans or original architectural plans for the property and structures, are welcomed.  We might need additional information from the City/County or even a Site Survey Company.  These services are not part of the design fees and will be billed separately.



This is a multi-part process, which involves, story boards, plant data sheets, plan view concepts, and 3D view concepts all in color.  We will pull and bring you textural samples, take you on excursions to show rooms and nurseries, and even send you out on homework assignments to bring all aspects of the design together.  As we work through co-creating these plans, we may have up to 3 design concepts before reevaluating the Design Agreement, however in most cases, we have nailed it int the first presentation and only minor tweaking will be involved.  In some cases, an outside architect may be needed to finish your plans to City codes, such as the case for pools and verandas.  If needed, this will be a separate fee billed to you directly, from the architect or engineer. Your completed set of plans will show you everything you need to know about your new exterior design.



Once you have purchased your completed plans, we grant you license to implicate your new plans.  It is imperative that you choose a licensed C27 Landscape Contractor or General Contractor to install your new plans.  You can bid this out yourself, or go with our licensed affiliate contractors, either way, we want you to have a worry free experience and peace of mind that your plan will be installed correctly and to code. When you go with our team,(please see our affiliates link) you will receive all the necessary documents and contracts directly from the contractor, as well as our On Site Design Consultation  Fee.  The OSDC Fee, insures that we will be on the job site to make any “on the fly” design changes and choices, that come up during work in the field.  It also means that we are the liaison between you, the contractor and his crew,  to prevent “Too Many Cooks” syndrome, which often leads to confusion and possibly poor choices.  We want you to be completely happy with every expectation and detail of the project, as we assist you and work with you on all decisions regarding your new exterior design.



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